- All backsplash areas, countertops are cleaned
- Sanitize. handles and light switches
- We clean and polish all exterior of appliances
- Empty toaster and clean inside microwave oven
- Wipe down barstool/chairs and take the “dust bunnies” off from the bottom
- When all surfaces are cleaned, the kitchen is cleaned and polish
- Clean and wipe countertops and anything on counter
- Bathtub, shower also shower’s door
- Toilette (sanitize tops surface and base)
- Clean and wipe cupboard’s door (sanitize handles)
- Clean mirror, soap dish
- Dust baseboards and blinds
- Dust door frame
- When finish with the cleaning the chrome is polished
- Dusting, using damp cloths on furniture
- Dust light fixture, baseboards, top of door frame and sanitize door knob and light switch
- Vacuum floor and underneath bed
Living Room
- Dusting is done thought out these rooms
- Clean blinds, picture frames, mirrors, glass table tops
- Vacuum carpet/floor
- Vacuum under furniture
Hallway/Front Door Entrance
- Vacuum floor, stairs
- Vacuum throw rug and remove when washing the floor
- Wipe and sanitize top of stairway
- Thought out the house the hardwood/tile floors are washed

Country Maid cleaning services has the potential to meet your expectations everytime.

Our services are insured and trusted by a vast amount of the community in the Calgary area.

Country Maid Services complies with federal, provincial and local labour and tax laws and carries adequate insurance..